Reengaging in the Human Rights Battle

Ishmael Abdul-Salaam and Silas Muhammad

Past CEO of AFRE, Mr. Silis Muhammad, and current CEO, Ishmael Abdul-Salaam at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland, 2003.

All for Reparations and Emancipation (AFRE/CURE) is an education and advocacy organization in support of reparations and self-determination for Afrodescendants across the slavery diaspora. AFRE was granted UN Consultative NGO Status in 1997 under the name CURE – Caucasians United for Reparations and Emancipation. The NGO made a name change in the year 2000.

AFRE facilitated the interventions of Afrodescendant leaders in various UN working groups, commissions, conferences and forums more than 30 times from 1998 to 2006. The communications were focused on the deprivation and denial of the human rights of minorities articulated in Article 27 of the ICCPR.

Afrodescendants throughout the slavery diaspora have lost their connection to their mother tongue, culture, religion, family lineage and history. They were left without a human identity. Among the many horrors of trans-generational enslavement is the forced transition of human to slave. This is the crime of ethnocide and the damage lingers today.

Much progress was gained in the nine years of intervening. Thanks to the efforts of the experts of the Working Group on Minorities, Afrodescendants were brought together in forums where they discussed a UN recognized identity. The identity “Afrodescendant” was agreed upon by leaders from across the diaspora, and recognized by the UN.

A definition of Afrodescendants was written, discussed and presented to the experts. Unfortunately the UN reorganization in 2006 prevented further forums at which the definition could be confirmed. Documents from that time period and images are presented on this website in the History section.

In response to a present-day movement of reparations leaders in the US to unite under one umbrella organization and create a collective, unified demand for reparations and self-determination, through a democratic plebiscite, AFRE is preparing to reengage with the UN to facilitate communications once again. Our role is to advocate, educate and facilitate on the subject of reparations and self-determination.

Mr. Silis Muhammad speaking on behalf of Afrodescendants at the World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa, 2001.