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A Regional Perspective
on Afrodescendant
Quality of Life
UN Sub-Commission Conference Room Paper

Document # A/HRC/Sub.1/58/AC.5/CRP.1


AFRE Speakers Bureau

Contact us to arrange for speakers on the subject of Afrodescendants, the lingering effects of slavery, and the human rights and reparations effort. Please e-mail our Speakers Bureau with your request.

Interested parties may feel free to inquire about the availability and fees of the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Silis Muhammad.

Attorney Harriett AbuBakr

Attorney Harriett AbuBakr, Attorney at Law, AFRE Legal Counsel

Our experience is an example for the civilized world of a holocaust wherein identity is exterminated. Within our experience is the example of the means that a State can use to forcibly, intentionally and permanently sever a people from their identity. Within our experience is the example of how a people in such a deprived condition by their very nature, and against terrible opposition, will seek without rest to find their lost identity. Within our experience is the example of how a State systematically, for the benefit of the majority, can obstruct the attempts of a people to identify themselves. Within our experience is the example of what extraordinary damage can be sustained when a people's identity is lost and the identity of the majority is forced upon them. Because of our experience with plantation slavery, we know how human dignity is attached to identity. We are a people, living within the United States as a minority. Without identity we have no legal/political status or recognition internationally, no respect from the majority population domestically, and no dignity among our fellow human beings.

Ajani Mukarram

Ajani Mukarram, Minister

And today, America is an independent nation isn't she? Flies her flag. Walks around the world holding herself as the world police. Doesn't she? But you haven't even policed your own inner shores, America. You are the biggest criminal in the history of the world - to steal a people from a land and to rape them, to take their language, to take their culture, to take their religion, and leave them in a state of civil death. You are the biggest criminal the world has ever known. So we who were brought here as slaves want to live again as a People. Some of us, one day, want to live as a Nation. Because I one day want my son to aspire to be a Senator, to be a Congressman, to possibly be the President of his own Nation. What about when Shabazz is building cars in his own Nation? What about when you pull out money and it's a Black man on the money? I want us to live again.

Ishmael Abdul-Salaam

Ishmael Abdul-Salaam, Minister

Along with my Captain, Hasan Shaheed, I stood straight up in the meeting and walked out in military fashion; out the church doors and into the streets. We began to pass out copies of the message that I had intended to give. While passing them out we created a whirlwind. All of a sudden a group of approximately 10 youth began to call my name. Mr. Abdul! they shouted. They were my students. The student I teach at the local middle school. They began to grab copies of my speech. As the students grabbed more people came over and grabbed it as if we were handing out their reparations. The students asked, "Can we pass them out?" I said , "Please." They grabbed all of my stack and half of Captain Hasan's. All of a sudden the cameras came over to record what all the activity was about. I began to speak. My words were a mixture of my text along with appropriate street lingo for the youth that surrounded me. As I got warmed up and focused the camera was off. They did not want to hear a radical black man in a suit with a real message.

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