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A Regional Perspective
on Afro-descendant
Quality of Life
UN Sub-Commission Conference Room Paper

Document # A/HRC/Sub.1/58/AC.5/CRP.1


Photo Gallery

2005 – Afro-descendant leaders attend a workshop organized by the UN, and supported by AFRE, in Chincha, Peru.

  • AFRE representatives: Back row: Jabari Akil, Raushana Karriem, Ajani Mukarram, Kamal Shabazz, Kamal Arshad, Ishmael Abdul-Salaam. Middle row: Harriett AbuBakr Muhammad, Mr. Silis Muhammad, Ida Hakim. Front row: Husamideen Fedayeen, Ikhlas Fedayeen.

  • Afro-descendant leaders and UN officials at the Peru workshop

  • Gay McDougall, Special Representative for Minorities, with Ishmael Abdul-Salaam and Jabari Akil

  • Edna Marie Santos Roland of Brazil with an Afro-descendant leader

  • Gisele Arandia of Cuba

  • Romero Rodriguez of Uruguay

  • Ishmael Abdul-Salaam and Ajani Mukarram with Sydney Francis of Nicaragua

  • Queen Mother Dorothy Benton Lewis, member of the AFRE delegation, stands in a room within a tunnel that imprisoned captured Africans underneath Hacienda San Jose.

  • Jabari Akil and Ajani Mukarram in the courtyard outside of the conference room

  • Group of conference attendees stand in prayer and commemoration after viewing the horrors of Hacienda San Jose. Harriett AbuBakr Muhammad looks on as Gisele Arandia speaks.

    2001 to 2005 – Mr. and Mrs. Muhammad and AFRE delegates attended meetings of the Working Group on Minorities, Sub-Commission and Commission on Human Rights as well as meetings of the Working Group on People of African Descent.

  • Mr. Jose Bengoa, Member (and former Chairman) of the Working Group on Minorities, Sub-Commissioner and Chairman of both the Afro-descendant seminar in LaCeiba, Honduras and the workshop in Chincha, Peru

  • Atty. Harriett AbuBakr Muhammad and Mr. Silis Muhammad during a session of the Working Group on Minorities

  • AFRE attends the Working Group on People of African Descent: Maia Hadi, Ida Hakim, Atty. Harriett AbuBakr Muhammad, Mr. Silis Muhammad, Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala, and Sachu Akkebala

  • UN representatives including Gay McDougall at a Working Group on Minorities session

  • Ishmael Abdul-Salaam and Mr. Silis Muhammad in front of the Palais des Nationes in Geneva

  • Mr. Silis Muhammad at the UN

  • Atty. Harriett AbuBakr Muhammad, Ishmael Abdul-Salaam and Ida Hakim at the Working Group on Minorities

    2001 and 2002 – AFRE attended a seminar for Afro-descendants in LaCeiba, Honduras, organized by the UNHCHR and Working Group on Minorities. In 2001 Mr. Muhammad led a group of AFRE delegates to the World Conference Against Racism.

  • Celio Alvarez, Garifuna leader and host, stands with the representative from Panama

  • Gustavo Makanaky of Colombia meets with another representative in the courtyard.

  • Mr. Silis Muhammad enjoying a conversation in the courtyard

  • Afro-descendant leader from Peru relaxes with friends

  • Mr. Jose Bengoa during a field trip to the Garifuna village

  • Mr. Silis Muhammad speaks before the plenary of the World Conference Against Racism

  • View of the conference during the speech

  • Mr. Muhammad at the WCAR conference center

    1998 to 2000 – Mr. Silis Muhammad delivers his first oral intervention in 1998 before the Working Group on Minorities. He goes on to speak before the Sub-Commission and the Commission on Human Rights.

  • Conference photographer takes a picture of Mr. Silis Muhammad speaking before the Commission on Human Rights in 2000.

  • Mr. Asbjorn Eide, Chairman of the Working Group on Minorities for ten years, assisted by Fiona Blyth-Kubota

  • Mr. Silis Muhammad, Atty. Harriett AbuBakr Muhammad and Ida Hakim at the Working Group on Minorities in 1998

  • Mr. Silis Muhammad’s first spoken intervention at the UN in 1998

  • Mr. Muhammad, with Mr. Mustapha Mehedi, Member of the Working Group on Minorities, and an interpreter

  • Mr. Mustapha Mehedi

  • Ms. Atsuko Tanaka of IMADAR helped AFRE delegates become familiar with the ins and outs of intervening at the UN.

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